The attorneys at Barlow, Josephs & Holmes, Ltd have a wide range of educational backgrounds to provide full coverage of their patent prosecution needs regardless of the field of invention. These backgrounds include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, architectural engineering, biology and chemical to meet our clients needs in mechanical, electrical, computer, biomedical, chemical and materials technologies.

Below are examples of our expertise in these technologies.

Structural Sciences, Pneumatics, Games, Sports Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Small Weapons Accessories, Weapon Sighting Mounts, Rifles, Pistols, Tools, Fasteners, Closures, Turbine Engines, Air Handling Devices; Child Car Seats; Law Enforcement Restraint Devices, Pumping Systems, Seating, Wind Turbines, Energy Conversion Devices, Food Packaging, Eyewear, Safety Eyewear, Dispensing Closures, Toys, Measuring Devices, Jewelry, Valves, Boats, Window Covers, Air Filtration, Vibratory Feeders, Furniture, Thermal Dye Printers, Bird Feeders, Nanosciences

Fiber Optic Lasers, Fiber Optic Telecommunication Modules, Led Lighting Devices, Vertical Cavity Lasers, Dj Equipment Including Digital Music Control Devices, Reed Relay Devices, Circuit Design, Solar Cells

Surgical Devices, Helmet Designs, Bio-filtration Devices, Catheters, Bioreactors, Biomedical Exercise Devices, Ultrasound Needles, Impact Attenuation Devices, Vascular Monitoring Systems

Coated Ink-Jet Papers, And Thermal Dye-sublimation Printing, Thermally Conductive Compositions, Metal Injection Molding, Turbine Coatings, Jewelry Plating, Waterproof Papers, Textiles